Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome to The "United" States...LMAO!

The mid-term elections are done and gone. We came out in numbers and voiced our opinions. It bought tears to my eyes to see the number of young Americans of all races, out doing their civic duty. And for months we viewed commercial after commercial after commercial about how each political candidate was not suitable to be in office. Not one commercial or ad spoke about the views or the issues at hand. Just bashing and slandering of each Florida for instance: Rick Scott committed Fraud, was prosecuted and even left the medical profession high and dry to hold the bag all after he had taken millions, and yet...guess what? He is now Florida's Governor. This is the America we live in...excuse this soap box over a little...hold on, my legs are a little strained...ok here we go...

First and foremost I hope and pray that the GOP/Tea Party is estactic and able to accomplish everything they have yet to accomplish over the past 30 years! No republican president, since Nixon has done anything meaningful in office, got us out of debt, helped the middle class/lower class citizen or gave a damn about the State of The "United" States. Ever! Don't believe me? Let's start with Reagan...anyone remember Reaganomics? If you don't, you are exprienceing it now. Reagan passed an economic plan that took jobs overseas and would eventually bring our economy to what it is today...the problem is, and as SEVERAL Economists have pointed out, has been in the making since he implemented it. Economists predicted this downfall of the economy then, during and even now!

But that's Obama's bad.

Next came daddy Bush...his famous slogan, "READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES!" America fell for the okie doke, not realizing the ultimate decision in that does not lie primarily with the President, but with the House and Senate. *sigh* Not to mention we started a war with Iraq and created trillions in debt for the "United" States.

Obama, that's your fault bad.

Then came Slick Willie, Bill Clinton, (Democrat) who took this country out of a recession, out of debt and even left the incoming "C" average Bush a surplus in the White House. We were "high on the hog" for eight years with Clinton in office. And because he was mingling and associating with "the wrong people," the GOP saw fit to find something to attack him with just to get him out of office... of course, as usual, they failed.

Obama, not your fault this time...whew!

Next came Bush Jr...the "C" average student who was a draft dodger, non reading, no speech giving heir to the "United" States. While in office, he managed to destroy our budget, created TWO wars at the same time, had our military looking for weapons that didn't exist, all to find a man who had nothing to do with the reason we were at war in the first place (oh that's right, "he tried to kill my daddy")...9/11...who's conspirer by the way is still lurking somewhere on Bush Ranch...(shhh, they don't want you to know they were buddy buddy with Osama, the Bush's that is, see they have oil invested in the middle east, hence is why our presence was required there, to protect their didn't hear that from me)...I digress...all while placing the "United" States in the worse recession since the 1930's...a man who could not think his way out of an open space (but can dodge a shoe), was elected twice by this nation, hated by just about every ally we ever had, and (until I saw him boarding the plane to leave the White House) did know he was still in office...yet he did not receive on hint of ridicule from the GOP...where was the Tea Party then?

Obama, on you again...sorry.

Now we have a President that is all about change, whose only fault is wanting to work together and create a better "United" States and restore us to our dominant power. He got healthcare passed...they hated it, because we as Americans do not deserve to have free healthcare...why? Because private health companies will not be able to keep medical bills high, and the rich and famous will not be the only ones able to get adequate health insurance. I have friends whose jobs do not or did not provide a healthcare plan, and they were left to suffer with illnesses in fear of high medical bills...This is America.

A nation who ridicules a man and wishes for his failure to prove that he could not do the job in the first place...sore losers or unhealed racism? Who ridicules him for not being successful in his first two years? Really? Who blames him for not cleaning up the eight year mess of the prior cabinet fast enough? Who blames him for inheriting a defict and a recession and not getting us out of it? Really?

People realize where your anger should be directed, yes President Obama stated that he feels that he is the cause of the current state of Politics, due to his policies...but in actuality, his policies have to be passed by Congress, not him. Why is nothing getting done? Republicans, like the Pee, I mean Tea Party members refuse to support anything he does, just to see him fail. They would rather see this Country run into the ground before seeing President Obama save this it! No other President faced this much opposition or ridicule and with no one to defend him...NO ONE! Some Blacks didn't like him because they said he wasn't "Black Enough..." well apparently he his, due to his lack of respect, questioning of his decision making and criticism of two years of work.

As a journalism graduate, I am more than tired of the media portraying only the negative in regards to OUR political/famous Black Americans. Black atheletes are on the front page of any paper, editorial, news/sports program for doing the least little thing...Case in point, Michael Vick. Now, Cam Newton of Auburn is close to winning the Heisman, and what's happening? They are trying to find a reason to make him ineligible... However, a non Black athlete who allegedly rapes two women (this shows a trend), only makes the front page because everyone is trying to get him back on the field earlier...or the one who sends pictures of himself and makes obscene phone calls to co-workers...hmmm haven't heard much of a peep about it, hoping it will just pass? Not to mention the White atheletes who have been caught smoking crack (of all things) and you never even hear about it until they are doing a "comeback" story on the news about how they overcame their addiction. Did anyone even know Eminem had a "real" drug problem, until he made a "comeback" and told his story? But it's more important to report that Lil Wayne is drinking cough syrup? Does anyone see the bias here?

I say that to poing out that the majority of President Obama's press for the past two years has all been negative attacks by the GOP/Tea Party representatives that are vying to make this man a one term President, which has been their goal even before he took the oath. Every news station, show or program has a GOP/Tea Party person bashing the President, a person who we all should be loyal to. So who is to blame the American public for wondering what President Obama has done, hell we never see the positive press, only the negative...or if he does something simple, it's ridiculed and made to look bad...

Case(s) in point: President Obama took his wife on a date! Not a mistress, but his WIFE and he was ridiculed for not being on the clock, 24/7, and for spending the tax payers money to take his wife out on a date...obiviously they failed to realize that this man was a millionaire prior to taking office, because of recent and future book sales (Yet Mark Sanford flies to Argentina to see his Mistress on the tax payers dime and he gets to dictate South Carolina's new Governor). Obviously, no prior President ever went on a date (hmm, so what was Lincoln doing in the theater the night he got shot)... The First Lady, Michelle Obama, plants a garden in the back of the White House to feed the homeless and staff, including them, they found fault in that...

So my question is where was all this "GUNG HO," "Maverick" "Let's get a Tea Party together" mentality during the previous eight years? Where was all the backlash, attempts to impeach and rebellious stands during the Bush years? Reagan Years? Is it really because the man has not done anything, and is inexperienced, or is it because he is "different" than any other President that held office?

Bottom Line: This country was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of minorities and ran by a racist society and it has never been more obvious, than it is now...don't believe me...Check your current Senate members...after Nov 2, there are now NO, count them, NONE, NADA, NUNCA Black Senators in office...we can play in the game, but we can not run the team! So how "United" are we?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love, Peace and SOUUUUUULLLLL!

Ok groovy Dudes and Dudettes,

I just finished watching the Soul Train Music Awards... *Sigh* and here goes...

Well, to be honest, this show was a vast improvement over the past few music awards shows we have been subjected to. Unlike the BET Music Awards, they were smart enough to pre-record this event, as to eliminate all the bufoonery, slip ups, prolonged speeches, and falls that a live show will bring you. And although it is quite entertaining to see it live, pre-recorded does make for a much better show, as we saw tonight. Here are some highlights from tonight:

Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson did a good job hosting. I was amazed to see and find out that Taraji could actually sing. If I had seen Tyler Perry's, "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," I may have already known that. They had great chemistry and their opening number was quite cute. I could have done without some of the skits and mediocre jokes, but the kiss at the end made up for all that. I wonder how much of that was acting...I don't know, but at the end of it she opened her mouth up pretty damn good and I know I saw some tongue, and the lipstick all over Terrence's face was evident of that.

Johnny Gill was off the damn chain! As usual he lived up to expectation, almost to the point that I am about to start a petition to get a new Johnny Gill album soon. Eddie's Boo, I mean, Johnny killed it. As a matter of fact the entire Motown 50 dedication was great. The legends dedications were very classy. I was glad to see that they picked performers who did the legends justice. The best honor of course went to Chaka Khan. They honestly saved the best for last. They could have done without Grand Master Flash and his, "I still think I can be a Mr. Olympia" poses and tank tops. SERIOUSLY? Erykah Badu was AssStanding. I do apologize, but she has some Assets that can't be overlooked. WOW. Fantasia really got the party jumping with her energetic persona and then to shut it down was Columbia S.C.'s own, Angie Stone! Her interaction and inclusion of Chaka in her tribute really made the show. One note, someone please tell Chaka to stop wearing those Moo-Moo tops. Hell she is blessed, no need to stress...and is it me, or does Chaka always have that J.B.F. look when she sweats and has her hair all over the place?

Chrisette Michelle made her presence known...FINALLY! I was shocked to hear that Terrence Howard didn't know who she was. For those of you that have yet to hear this young lady sing, or hear her new CD...Get on board! Where have you been? This young lady is one of the great talents that gets overlooked because she is not commercial, wearing some outrageous outfit, not showing her ass and breast, vulgar, or "sleeping" her way to the top. Get on the bandwagon.

However, every awards show is not without its flaws...

K-Ci with his kicks across the stage was hilarious, while at the same time a confirmation that we are not ready for a Jodeci comeback. At least JoJo looked like he was losing weight.

The editing was not the best. The applause and crowd screams were off, (there were times when the crowd was applauding but as they scanned the crowd, everyone was sitting still). A lot of the performances were cut off in the middle and the winners were seen hugging their family and friends, then *boom* were magically on stage giving their speech. To say that this was done about a month ago, you would expect to have a little better production.

Latoya Luckett on the red carpet as a hostess? SERIOUSLY? You would never catch Beyonce doing that. And speaking of the red carpet, did anyone notice the "arrival cam?" Funny how the young lady hosting with Mr. Bentley was seen "arriving" while she was interviewing someone on the red carpet. Amazing. And was everyone getting dropped off by the same black Escalade?

Estelle in her full fledge tuxedo, looking like her name was 'Harold." Granted, I get the concept, but maybe with a more "feminine" pair of pants she might have pulled it off. Then having her hair slicked back only gave her that Blues Brothers look.

Raheem Devaughn gone commerical? He has a song with Ludacris. He was one of the original Neo Soul artists, but I guess those checks don't pay as much as the commercial ones do. I guess there is a price for fame. His rant on the red carpet is a true testament that he feels that his "grass roots" music is not appreciated and he needed to go another direction.

Was it me, or did anyone else notice that Ludacris was constantly staring at Keri Hilson's ass while she was accepting her award? He tried to play it off by looking in the crowd, but he just could not help looking down and checking her out. She is a tall drink of water, but he finshed the whole glass. LUDA! *Burp*

Deborah Lee looks great after losing her weight and getting in shape, but why does she now look like she is ready to lead a cheer? (Ready? OK!) Fist piercing her sides, body upright, ready to scream: "Gimme a B, B? You got yo' B, you got yo B, gimme a E, E? You got yo' E, you got yo' E, Gimme a T, T? you got yo' T, you got yo' T." And she should have just killed a full grown Chinchilla instead of it's cousin, Cheekchilla. Maybe that would explain her inability to put her arms all the way down.
I'm kidding.

Seriously, I was very impressed with the show tonight, two thumbs up and a pinky toe out for BET and Centric for putting on a very classy awards show and paying homage to the Soul Train brand. I'm still a little disappointed that the "big wigs" didn't make an appearance, i.e. Jay-Z, Beyonce (granted she was performing in Russia and did at least accept her award via satellite), Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Sean Combs, Timberland, etc... All of whom seemed to find their way to the horrible AMA's. I'm just saying, show some respect to the brand that was one of the first to put artist who looked like you on television, hosted by and produced by someone who looked like you. Still they find a way to cancel shows and do whatever possible to make it to the award shows where they rarely get recognized, are often ridiculed, hosted by and produced by someone who use to do whatever possible to keep your people off television or steal their music and claim it as their own (see Dreamgirls for clarification of the last comment). Sorry, I got on my soap box for a moment. I digress...

So, in the words of the immortal Don Cornelius, leaving you with Love, Peace and SOOOOOOOUUUUUULLLLLLL!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fee Fi Fo Fum, the Little Big Man is Done

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great despair and a heavy heart that I write this blog. Today, one of the best shooting guards under 6 ft tall... RETIRED.

Allen Iverson announced today on the Stephen A. Smith radio show that he is calling it a career, but not on his terms. This was a player that brought swagger to basketball, style to the game, attitude and passion on the court, was a fearless David in a world of Goliaths, yet with one small orange rock, he conquered them all. They said he lost a step, I say he was so fast that they couldn't catch the first one. League MVP, 10 time all star, #6 on the all time scoring list, Eastern Conference Champion, NBA Finals, Olympic Gold Medalist...

He showed that how you "practice," is not always a true indicator of how you will play the "game," but more so the heart and passion that you put into it. When he cornrowed his hair they called him a thug, and when he cut it off, they called him arrogant.

The media will tell you that he was selfish, cocky and not a good teammate, however, his teammates will tell you he was dedicated, talented, and a leader. "Old heads," know him as the Answer to the Question or AI, young heads know him as #3.

So, fee fi fo fum, I can't believe the Little Big Man is Gone...

Monday, November 23, 2009


Hello Ladies and Gents,

I know it has been 488 days since my last blog, and I must admit... I kind of missed it. A lot has happened since last I grace the page with my words of insight. We have a black president, our beloved Michael Jackson passed... Some things have remained the same, children are still crazy, celebrities are still losing their minds, the economy is still in turmoil, and the world is still spiraling out of control. So... (stretch, stretch), let me... climb up on this soap box of mine. Whew! OK, lets begin...

The most recent of events that I have a problem with is the lack of production and quality of awards shows. SERIOUSLY! Take last night's AMAs... We had Rihanna and Lady Gaga wearing the latest fashion by the toilet paper mache' twins, "Char'min and A'ngel Soft." Granted I more so enjoyed Rihanna's outfit, though she reminded me of the character from the Fifth Element, it did distract me from her annoying "alarm like," voice as I tried to see if a nipple was going to pop out or if the camera man would be so kind as to give us a glimpse of her from behind, (at least to cure my curiosity of whether or not her ass was out) all while trying to read the tattoo on her neck. Did it say, "Chris Brown was here." Lady Gaga was not as appealing, I don't know if she was a skeleton or a Q-tip, but her ass cheeks were definitely hanging off the back of the piano all while she sat gap legged singing ever so beautifully. It's ashame that her talent is often overlooked because she chooses to make a mockery of herself. Distracting the wrong attention is not always a good thing, hence is why, although she was the most deserving, she did not win Artist of the Year. Which brings me to my next issue: Taylor Swift wins Artist of the Year? SERIOUSLY? What has she done this year besides get embarrassed by Kanye West? At least I've seen Lady Gaga, heard her music on every station I've turned to. Now let me preface this next point by saying, I am one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans, I've was suspended from school on several occasions for wanting to be the Glittered Glove Wonder. Saying that, was it truly a tribute to his memory to give him "Sympathy Awards?" I mean he was nominated in categories with artists that we knew he would and should have beaten. For instance, he was nominated for Best Male Pop artist, his competition? Eminem and T.I., two hip hop artists. SERIOUSLY? They should have put up a disclaimer before the show that read, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be giving Michael Jackson every award that he will be nominated for, with the exception of Artist of the Year, because that would be too obvious." That way we would know what to expect. Award shows have become so mundane and lets face it, boring. There was a time when we would look forward to award shows, they were the highlight(s) of the year. You had the Grammys, AMAs, The Soul Train Music Awards and later the Source Awards. The artists were more talented and the focus was just on that, TALENT! They didn't come out dressing like Porcupines (Lady Gaga), having bi-sexual sex shows onstage (Adam Lambert). Whitney Houston would blow the roof off the arena, J-Lo didn't walk through her dance routines, and all artists knew that they needed to perform the radio versions of their songs, hence there was no need for delays and bleep outs. SERIOUSLY? THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO?

WHEW! Kids! What the hell? I had the privilege to go to a high school football game last week and let's just say that this new generation either has no clue or just doesn't care. I saw young ladies walking around with low riding pants and their thongs showing, (one of which was barely a teenager and at least 8 mos pregnant), guys still wearing their pants, literally, around their ankles, not to mention it was about 40 degrees and still most of the ladies were wearing little to nothing. Older men, (probably recently graduated or been graduated and still lives through high school) who were walking around in only a tank top trying to show off their "Deeboesque" not nearly toned, just big, bodies, hoping the young ladies will notice them and say, "Damn look at that body." (It's funny how they deliberately walk with their chests stuck out and sucking in their stomach.) SERIOUSLY? You mean to tell me that you are so pathetic that you have to come back to your old high school and try to pick up freshman girls? Who, by the way, are yelling their names all across the stadium asking them to come sit with them. Breeding grounds for Pedophiles. Parents, RAISE YOUR DAMN KIDS! Little girls should not be wearing make up as if it were plastered on with a spatula, they should dress like what they are, YOUNG LADIES! I shouldn't have to check myself when a young lady walks by with the body of an adult, walking like an adult, and exposing herself like an adult...Stripper. I shouldn't see more of her ass than her underwear, more of her breasts than her bra and none of her coochie. SERIOUSLY? And we wonder why teenage pregnancy is so high, why so many "old" men are molesting and taking advantage of these young girls. Because they aren't being shown how to carry themselves like one. Young men need to pull their damn pants up, realize cornrows are not in style anymore, (come on Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony got rid of theirs) its time to let the thug persona go. SERIOUSLY? Young boys walk around loud, obnoxious, no respect for women, no idea of proper dress and we wonder why they are stereotyped by police, why they can't find decent jobs, why our culture is slowly becoming obsolete? Do we even have to wonder? SERIOUSLY? THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO?

Bottom Line, the world is in serious turmoil. We have mothers selling their daughters to sex slave trades for drugs, what happened to our loving maternal mothers? 11 year olds shooting people in cold blood, what happened to a child's innocence? Politicians deliberately wanting to see the decline of a nation, just to see a black man fail, what happened to One Nation Under God? Grown men raping and murdering young girls, what happened to our Men? A black politician in Louisiana misuses public funds, he gets 5 years in prison, a white politician in South Carolina has questions of ethics, misuses funds and cheats on his wife, and he only gets impeached, what happened to: we hold these truths to be evident that all men are created equal?


Sunday, August 31, 2008


Where my real men at?

If you said, "right here!" Take a good look at yourself and ask that question again. What constitutes you as a "real man?" How society sees you and dictates you to be? Because your wife or girlfriend says you are? Or is it truly how you see yourself? Because if you don't feel, see, or think of yourself as a real man, it doesn't matter what you do, or what other people think or say about you, in your eyes you are not!

For a long time, I thought I was a "man." Because I had a job, took care of my responsibilities, in a sense, had a car and a house. However, I never "felt" like I was, because I didn't have the job I wanted, I wasn't making the money I wanted, nor was I where I wanted to be in life. It's easy to put on the "Man Mask" and portray what you think a man is, but eventually you have to take the mask off and look at your real self in the mirror. Face the demon that has consumed your soul and then ask yourself that same question.

I decided that being a man is not how society, my wife, my friends, co-workers, etc see me, but how I see and feel about myself. Depending on others for self esteem, doesn't make it yours, and depending on others to help you stand, will only make it that much easier to fall when they let go. So, GET UP, STAND UP! Be your own backbone, your own support system, put your faith and trust in God, be obedient to his word and allow him to guide you. That way you will have no doubts when you are asked, "Where my real men at?" For God made man in the image of himself, and he's as real as it gets!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why I Did Get Married...

In a previous blog, I pondered the question, "Why Did I Get Married?" I said because I maybe wanted to be a player again, or marriage was out of obligation. Then I asked, "well if you are going to have a wedding, vow to be with the person in sickness and in health, and then years later want to leave them, WHY THE HELL GET MARRIED IN THE FIRST PLACE?" Now a few months later, I have been through an experience that has helped me to answer said question from before. Why Did I Get Married? Simple, because the woman I married is the woman I knew I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Point blank. Nothing else. Granted, throughout the marriage we all feel that it's getting too hard to maintain, or use "I don't want to be married anymore, I don't think I love you anymore," as an excuse to want some imaginary "freedom" from the tyranny of being with one person for the rest of your life.

In speaking with several married couples who have been together for 10 or more years, they have all told me the same thing: "Every couple goes through a period when they either wish they weren't married anymore, don't want to be married anymore, or feel they don't love their spouse anymore. But you learn to deal with that, knowing it's just a temporary effect because you miss the single life, having been tied down for a few years and you get tired. But marriage is a job, and if it were easy, everyone would do it, and the divorce rate would not be as high as it is now." Interesting. We, as young married couples, feel we are missing out on something in life when we settle down with one person, wanting to go and find a "bigger and better" thing after a while. But that's not what marriage is about. It's about commitment, a promise to God that is sacred and viewed by HIM as such.

It is not something to be taken for granted and then after you feel you have had enough you want to end it and move on to the next, thinking he will deliver, once again, to you the man or woman of your dreams. If you spit in his face, metaphorically, why would expect him to bless you again? You didn't take care of the first gift he gave you. So you must at least try to figure out and work at taking care of what he has in store for you. IF you pray for your mate to do what they should and for your marriage to get better, because things aren't going as you planned, he will make it happen. But you must remember HE works in his own way. He sometimes interjects with situations that challenge you, he takes you through a storm, so you can be better and stronger afterwards. HE wants his presence to be felt when he moves, so you can better appreciate it afterwards and know he is truly in charge. But if you refuse to take the challenge, what are you saying about God and your prayers? That you don't believe he can do it all? That you're giving up on God? This is not how you should approach marriage.

As I said before, most couples are geared up for the "Wedding" and don't realize that after all the glitz and glamour of flower throwing, bridesmaids, and cake cutting, the real marriage now begins. That was just the "orientation," if you will, now the employer expects you to now do what they hired you to do. What you said you would do. However, we get to a point where we are tired and don't want to try anymore and decide to just quit. Yet we don't take into consideration what the other person is going through and what they are putting them through. Our generation has become content with being labeled as "failures" when times get rough. We don't want to work through our problems, instead just shut everything and everybody out, forget about it and move on like it never existed just to please our own selfishness.

I got married for the long haul. I took every vow I said seriously. "In sickness and in health, for better or worse, till death do us part, keeping only to him/her." So I'm expected and dedicated to holding down my part. Now if the marriage is so bad, are we supposed to ignore that and deal with it? Depends, is the guilty one willing to make an effort to change? If so, then yes we should. Our parents went through much worse in their marriages and most of them are still together to this day. The couples who have been together 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years did not quit when times got hard. And after all that time, I am sure they felt some form of resentment towards each other, but they still worked it out. Some got married for the wrong reasons, and sometimes it wasn't for love, but they worked at it and made it happen.

When we get married we need to realize for it to truly work, there must be open communication between the couple and not everyone else. They must be willing and able to speak to each other about what ever problems they are having with each other. It is through this communication that a marriage will work. How can you expect someone to change if you won't tell them what problem you have with them? How can you expect your mate to be what you would like them to be if you never tell them what that is? How can you expect for your spouse to love and respect you if you aren't taking the time to do the same?

I got married because I was and am willing to take that challenge. The challenges that are expected in a marriage. Granted, I, like many others, went through a selfish phase where I felt I didn't want this. We think there may be something better out there, and second guess what we have done. In Tyler's movie he referred to the 80/20 rule. You only get 80% of what you need. The other 20% is expendable. We think we can get that 20% elsewhere and for a while it seems like it will do. But in the end you realize 20% is definitely not sufficient and you miss having that 80. Marriage is by no means going to be all "roses" all the time. God challenges married couples and put them through trials and tribulations, so that they can get closer, stay closer, get and stay closer to him, realize how important they are to each other and in the end make them that much stronger. Scarred hands heal best.

Marriage is meant to be a lifetime, but if after a few years of problems you are ready to throw in the towel, how can you ever expect to be committed to anything else in life? Jobs are stressful, life is stressful. So do you just quit every job that challenges you? Do you just commit suicide because life has gotten too hard? A Godly person would not.

Bottom Line: Love, Commitment, and a Partner for life, is Why I Did Get married. So before you decide to take the job, research the job description and be sure you are ready and able to do the work.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Where were you, When this was brand new?!

What's Happening? Old School, New School?

Hey! Hey! Hey! How many new generation kids know where that came from? Give up? "What's Happening?" A show that starred Roger Thomas, now playing on "Everybody Hates Chris," as the mortician.

I work in the retail industry with a lot of young heads, mostly in their early 20s. I sometimes quiz them on music, movies, and television shows, and realize they don't have a clue about history. Well not the history of television and music. So I decided to enlighten the younger readers a bit and I implore those of you who are now considered "old heads" to add comments of some of the things I may have forgotten. So here you go younguns. A list of things you may not have known about people you now look up to and like.

Hmm where should I start, ok:

Janet Jackson's first album was not "Control." She had two flops prior to that. She also starred in "Good Times," "Different Strokes," and "Fame." She was taught how to dance by American Idol's own, Paula Abdul.

Paula Abdul started as a Laker's girl. Later, choreographing many of Janet's videos, and having her own career as a subpar singer and great dancer.

LL Cool J's first song was "Radio." Not "Phenomenon" or "...they call me big L'ey" His ass is old. He just looks young. He also had his own t.v. show, "In The House."

Rev Run was not always a Reverand. He was actually one of the members of Run DMC, way before Run's House. Actually Run's House is named after one of his songs. "Who's house? Run's house." He sings it in the beginning of the show.

Russell Simmons founded Def Jam, way before he found Phat Farm and Kimora Lee.

R Kelly was discovered on Gladys Knight's show called, "The Big Break." He and the Public Announcement, Kelly's first group, won the contest and the rest his history.

Before Crocs, there were Jelly's. Clear, plastic shoes worn only by women.

Robin Thicke's father, Alan Thicke sung the opening song for "Family Ties," a tv show that starred a young Michael Keaton. Who's first movie was "Back to the Future."

P Diddy, Puffy, Sean Combs, was a back up dancer along with Jermaine Dupri. They danced for Father MC. Whose hit song, "Treat em Right," was sung by Jodeci, and Mary J sung on one of his other songs. P Diddy can be seen in the video. He also produced and wrote Jodeci's first album, "Forever My Lady."

Jermaine Dupri founded super rap group Kris Kross, whose hit, "Jump" was a success. On a later album they had a song called "Da Bomb," which introduced rapper Da Brat, who is also the first female rapper to go platinum.

Busta Rhymes started in a group called, Leaders of the New School. Group members included Busta, Dinco, and Charlie Brown. One of their hits was "PTA" and they did a collabo with Tribe Called Quest called, "Scenerio."

Destiny Child's group originally had four members, one of which was not Michelle. The other two members were Latoya Luckett (had a couple of hits last year)and Latavia Roberson. They were dropped right before the "Bills, Bills, Bills" video was released. However, the song still had Latoya and Octavia singing on it. Farrah Franklin was one of the replacements that was dropped.

Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean were in a group called the Fugees. They had one of the best rap albums ever entitled, "The Score."

Denzel Washington got his start on the t.v. show "St. Elsewhere."

Adam Sandler got his start on "The Cosby Show."

Jamie Foxx was first seen on "In Living Color." Wanda: "I'll Rock Yo World!"

Will Smith's first hit was not "Summertime," but "Parents Just Don't Understand."

Laurence Fishburn's first role was not on "School Daze," or "Boyz in the Hood," but in "Cornbread, Earl and Me." A 70s flick about an aspiring basketball star who was killed accidently by police right before he was going to college.

Martin Lawrence got his start on "What's Happening Now!"

Michael Jackson was once black. And looked normal. He had a big nose, no clef in his chin and a gheri curl, but he always had the soft voice.

Raven Simone not only played in the Cosby Show and That's So Raven, but she also played in Hanging With Mr. Cooper. And her first song was "That's What Little Girls Are Made Of"

Bobby Valentino got his start with a group called MISTA whose only hit was "Blackberry Molasses."

Static Major, (Lollipop video), was originally in a group called, "Playa" whose hit was "Cheers 2 U."

Before Crunk or Snap music, there was Florida music and Go Go music, led by 2 Live Crew and Uncle Luke and EU and Rare Essence. (Doo Doo Brown, Doo Doo Brown).

The first rap song was "The White Horse." Artist unknown. Followed by SugarHill Gang's "Rapper's Delight."

Eve really was a stripper, so was Trina.

Lil Kim got her start with Junior Mafia.

Faith Evans used to be on Bad Boy. She and Lil Kim had beef. Lil Kim was never on Bad Boy, she was on Undeas.

Lil Bow Wow was first seen on Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice. He was actually discovered by Snoop, who passed him on to Jermaine Dupri.

Alicia Keys once appeared in an episode of "The Cosby Show."

Before Backstreet Boys and Nsync there was Menudo, New Kids On The Block, The Jets and New Edition, of which Bobby Brown is an original member.

Whitney Houston was not always on drugs and was THE best singer of her time.

Get Smart is an old t.v. show.

Ella from Tyler Perry's House of Pain, got her start on School Daze, she is the one who said, "Because your face is already cracked and on the ground." Allen Payne got his start on "The Cosby Show," and his first movie was "New Jack City." "Am I my brother's keeper?" And he acted a lot better. Robin Givens, his girlfriend on the show, was once married to Mike Tyson. Miranda, Calvin's girlfriend, is none other than little Rudy Huxtable, and all of them got their starts on "The Cosby Show." Except Ella.

Kirsten Dunst, from Spiderman, got her start from the movie, "Interview With The Vampire," which starred Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Tom Cruise's leading role movie was "Risky Business."

Well that's all for now, I could go on for a while. If you think of anything else, please feel free to add. It would be great to see what you all come of up.

So youngsta's learn your history. All your idols got their start somewhere.

Honorable Mentions:

Nice and Smooth's "Hip Hop Junkies."

Before Lean Wit It Rock Wit It, there was the Wop, the Prep, the Mike Tyson and the Cabbage Patch

Jay Z was a member of Hawaii Sulky Fame along with Jaz-O before he became Jigga/Hova. Jigga was a nickname actually given to him by Biggie.

Cross Colours, Karl Kani, Used Jeans were the hotness.

Before Madden, there was 10 yard fight and Tecmo Bowl. Before Halo, there was Metroid, Zelda and Contra. Before NBA Live there was Double Dribble.

Before Ladanian Tomlinson there was Barry Sanders

Before "Heroes" there was the "A-Team" B.A. Baracka was Mr. T's first television role. "I pity the fool."