Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fee Fi Fo Fum, the Little Big Man is Done

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great despair and a heavy heart that I write this blog. Today, one of the best shooting guards under 6 ft tall... RETIRED.

Allen Iverson announced today on the Stephen A. Smith radio show that he is calling it a career, but not on his terms. This was a player that brought swagger to basketball, style to the game, attitude and passion on the court, was a fearless David in a world of Goliaths, yet with one small orange rock, he conquered them all. They said he lost a step, I say he was so fast that they couldn't catch the first one. League MVP, 10 time all star, #6 on the all time scoring list, Eastern Conference Champion, NBA Finals, Olympic Gold Medalist...

He showed that how you "practice," is not always a true indicator of how you will play the "game," but more so the heart and passion that you put into it. When he cornrowed his hair they called him a thug, and when he cut it off, they called him arrogant.

The media will tell you that he was selfish, cocky and not a good teammate, however, his teammates will tell you he was dedicated, talented, and a leader. "Old heads," know him as the Answer to the Question or AI, young heads know him as #3.

So, fee fi fo fum, I can't believe the Little Big Man is Gone...

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