Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love, Peace and SOUUUUUULLLLL!

Ok groovy Dudes and Dudettes,

I just finished watching the Soul Train Music Awards... *Sigh* and here goes...

Well, to be honest, this show was a vast improvement over the past few music awards shows we have been subjected to. Unlike the BET Music Awards, they were smart enough to pre-record this event, as to eliminate all the bufoonery, slip ups, prolonged speeches, and falls that a live show will bring you. And although it is quite entertaining to see it live, pre-recorded does make for a much better show, as we saw tonight. Here are some highlights from tonight:

Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson did a good job hosting. I was amazed to see and find out that Taraji could actually sing. If I had seen Tyler Perry's, "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," I may have already known that. They had great chemistry and their opening number was quite cute. I could have done without some of the skits and mediocre jokes, but the kiss at the end made up for all that. I wonder how much of that was acting...I don't know, but at the end of it she opened her mouth up pretty damn good and I know I saw some tongue, and the lipstick all over Terrence's face was evident of that.

Johnny Gill was off the damn chain! As usual he lived up to expectation, almost to the point that I am about to start a petition to get a new Johnny Gill album soon. Eddie's Boo, I mean, Johnny killed it. As a matter of fact the entire Motown 50 dedication was great. The legends dedications were very classy. I was glad to see that they picked performers who did the legends justice. The best honor of course went to Chaka Khan. They honestly saved the best for last. They could have done without Grand Master Flash and his, "I still think I can be a Mr. Olympia" poses and tank tops. SERIOUSLY? Erykah Badu was AssStanding. I do apologize, but she has some Assets that can't be overlooked. WOW. Fantasia really got the party jumping with her energetic persona and then to shut it down was Columbia S.C.'s own, Angie Stone! Her interaction and inclusion of Chaka in her tribute really made the show. One note, someone please tell Chaka to stop wearing those Moo-Moo tops. Hell she is blessed, no need to stress...and is it me, or does Chaka always have that J.B.F. look when she sweats and has her hair all over the place?

Chrisette Michelle made her presence known...FINALLY! I was shocked to hear that Terrence Howard didn't know who she was. For those of you that have yet to hear this young lady sing, or hear her new CD...Get on board! Where have you been? This young lady is one of the great talents that gets overlooked because she is not commercial, wearing some outrageous outfit, not showing her ass and breast, vulgar, or "sleeping" her way to the top. Get on the bandwagon.

However, every awards show is not without its flaws...

K-Ci with his kicks across the stage was hilarious, while at the same time a confirmation that we are not ready for a Jodeci comeback. At least JoJo looked like he was losing weight.

The editing was not the best. The applause and crowd screams were off, (there were times when the crowd was applauding but as they scanned the crowd, everyone was sitting still). A lot of the performances were cut off in the middle and the winners were seen hugging their family and friends, then *boom* were magically on stage giving their speech. To say that this was done about a month ago, you would expect to have a little better production.

Latoya Luckett on the red carpet as a hostess? SERIOUSLY? You would never catch Beyonce doing that. And speaking of the red carpet, did anyone notice the "arrival cam?" Funny how the young lady hosting with Mr. Bentley was seen "arriving" while she was interviewing someone on the red carpet. Amazing. And was everyone getting dropped off by the same black Escalade?

Estelle in her full fledge tuxedo, looking like her name was 'Harold." Granted, I get the concept, but maybe with a more "feminine" pair of pants she might have pulled it off. Then having her hair slicked back only gave her that Blues Brothers look.

Raheem Devaughn gone commerical? He has a song with Ludacris. He was one of the original Neo Soul artists, but I guess those checks don't pay as much as the commercial ones do. I guess there is a price for fame. His rant on the red carpet is a true testament that he feels that his "grass roots" music is not appreciated and he needed to go another direction.

Was it me, or did anyone else notice that Ludacris was constantly staring at Keri Hilson's ass while she was accepting her award? He tried to play it off by looking in the crowd, but he just could not help looking down and checking her out. She is a tall drink of water, but he finshed the whole glass. LUDA! *Burp*

Deborah Lee looks great after losing her weight and getting in shape, but why does she now look like she is ready to lead a cheer? (Ready? OK!) Fist piercing her sides, body upright, ready to scream: "Gimme a B, B? You got yo' B, you got yo B, gimme a E, E? You got yo' E, you got yo' E, Gimme a T, T? you got yo' T, you got yo' T." And she should have just killed a full grown Chinchilla instead of it's cousin, Cheekchilla. Maybe that would explain her inability to put her arms all the way down.
I'm kidding.

Seriously, I was very impressed with the show tonight, two thumbs up and a pinky toe out for BET and Centric for putting on a very classy awards show and paying homage to the Soul Train brand. I'm still a little disappointed that the "big wigs" didn't make an appearance, i.e. Jay-Z, Beyonce (granted she was performing in Russia and did at least accept her award via satellite), Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Sean Combs, Timberland, etc... All of whom seemed to find their way to the horrible AMA's. I'm just saying, show some respect to the brand that was one of the first to put artist who looked like you on television, hosted by and produced by someone who looked like you. Still they find a way to cancel shows and do whatever possible to make it to the award shows where they rarely get recognized, are often ridiculed, hosted by and produced by someone who use to do whatever possible to keep your people off television or steal their music and claim it as their own (see Dreamgirls for clarification of the last comment). Sorry, I got on my soap box for a moment. I digress...

So, in the words of the immortal Don Cornelius, leaving you with Love, Peace and SOOOOOOOUUUUUULLLLLLL!

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