Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome to The "United" States...LMAO!

The mid-term elections are done and gone. We came out in numbers and voiced our opinions. It bought tears to my eyes to see the number of young Americans of all races, out doing their civic duty. And for months we viewed commercial after commercial after commercial about how each political candidate was not suitable to be in office. Not one commercial or ad spoke about the views or the issues at hand. Just bashing and slandering of each Florida for instance: Rick Scott committed Fraud, was prosecuted and even left the medical profession high and dry to hold the bag all after he had taken millions, and yet...guess what? He is now Florida's Governor. This is the America we live in...excuse this soap box over a little...hold on, my legs are a little strained...ok here we go...

First and foremost I hope and pray that the GOP/Tea Party is estactic and able to accomplish everything they have yet to accomplish over the past 30 years! No republican president, since Nixon has done anything meaningful in office, got us out of debt, helped the middle class/lower class citizen or gave a damn about the State of The "United" States. Ever! Don't believe me? Let's start with Reagan...anyone remember Reaganomics? If you don't, you are exprienceing it now. Reagan passed an economic plan that took jobs overseas and would eventually bring our economy to what it is today...the problem is, and as SEVERAL Economists have pointed out, has been in the making since he implemented it. Economists predicted this downfall of the economy then, during and even now!

But that's Obama's bad.

Next came daddy Bush...his famous slogan, "READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES!" America fell for the okie doke, not realizing the ultimate decision in that does not lie primarily with the President, but with the House and Senate. *sigh* Not to mention we started a war with Iraq and created trillions in debt for the "United" States.

Obama, that's your fault bad.

Then came Slick Willie, Bill Clinton, (Democrat) who took this country out of a recession, out of debt and even left the incoming "C" average Bush a surplus in the White House. We were "high on the hog" for eight years with Clinton in office. And because he was mingling and associating with "the wrong people," the GOP saw fit to find something to attack him with just to get him out of office... of course, as usual, they failed.

Obama, not your fault this time...whew!

Next came Bush Jr...the "C" average student who was a draft dodger, non reading, no speech giving heir to the "United" States. While in office, he managed to destroy our budget, created TWO wars at the same time, had our military looking for weapons that didn't exist, all to find a man who had nothing to do with the reason we were at war in the first place (oh that's right, "he tried to kill my daddy")...9/11...who's conspirer by the way is still lurking somewhere on Bush Ranch...(shhh, they don't want you to know they were buddy buddy with Osama, the Bush's that is, see they have oil invested in the middle east, hence is why our presence was required there, to protect their didn't hear that from me)...I digress...all while placing the "United" States in the worse recession since the 1930's...a man who could not think his way out of an open space (but can dodge a shoe), was elected twice by this nation, hated by just about every ally we ever had, and (until I saw him boarding the plane to leave the White House) did know he was still in office...yet he did not receive on hint of ridicule from the GOP...where was the Tea Party then?

Obama, on you again...sorry.

Now we have a President that is all about change, whose only fault is wanting to work together and create a better "United" States and restore us to our dominant power. He got healthcare passed...they hated it, because we as Americans do not deserve to have free healthcare...why? Because private health companies will not be able to keep medical bills high, and the rich and famous will not be the only ones able to get adequate health insurance. I have friends whose jobs do not or did not provide a healthcare plan, and they were left to suffer with illnesses in fear of high medical bills...This is America.

A nation who ridicules a man and wishes for his failure to prove that he could not do the job in the first place...sore losers or unhealed racism? Who ridicules him for not being successful in his first two years? Really? Who blames him for not cleaning up the eight year mess of the prior cabinet fast enough? Who blames him for inheriting a defict and a recession and not getting us out of it? Really?

People realize where your anger should be directed, yes President Obama stated that he feels that he is the cause of the current state of Politics, due to his policies...but in actuality, his policies have to be passed by Congress, not him. Why is nothing getting done? Republicans, like the Pee, I mean Tea Party members refuse to support anything he does, just to see him fail. They would rather see this Country run into the ground before seeing President Obama save this it! No other President faced this much opposition or ridicule and with no one to defend him...NO ONE! Some Blacks didn't like him because they said he wasn't "Black Enough..." well apparently he his, due to his lack of respect, questioning of his decision making and criticism of two years of work.

As a journalism graduate, I am more than tired of the media portraying only the negative in regards to OUR political/famous Black Americans. Black atheletes are on the front page of any paper, editorial, news/sports program for doing the least little thing...Case in point, Michael Vick. Now, Cam Newton of Auburn is close to winning the Heisman, and what's happening? They are trying to find a reason to make him ineligible... However, a non Black athlete who allegedly rapes two women (this shows a trend), only makes the front page because everyone is trying to get him back on the field earlier...or the one who sends pictures of himself and makes obscene phone calls to co-workers...hmmm haven't heard much of a peep about it, hoping it will just pass? Not to mention the White atheletes who have been caught smoking crack (of all things) and you never even hear about it until they are doing a "comeback" story on the news about how they overcame their addiction. Did anyone even know Eminem had a "real" drug problem, until he made a "comeback" and told his story? But it's more important to report that Lil Wayne is drinking cough syrup? Does anyone see the bias here?

I say that to poing out that the majority of President Obama's press for the past two years has all been negative attacks by the GOP/Tea Party representatives that are vying to make this man a one term President, which has been their goal even before he took the oath. Every news station, show or program has a GOP/Tea Party person bashing the President, a person who we all should be loyal to. So who is to blame the American public for wondering what President Obama has done, hell we never see the positive press, only the negative...or if he does something simple, it's ridiculed and made to look bad...

Case(s) in point: President Obama took his wife on a date! Not a mistress, but his WIFE and he was ridiculed for not being on the clock, 24/7, and for spending the tax payers money to take his wife out on a date...obiviously they failed to realize that this man was a millionaire prior to taking office, because of recent and future book sales (Yet Mark Sanford flies to Argentina to see his Mistress on the tax payers dime and he gets to dictate South Carolina's new Governor). Obviously, no prior President ever went on a date (hmm, so what was Lincoln doing in the theater the night he got shot)... The First Lady, Michelle Obama, plants a garden in the back of the White House to feed the homeless and staff, including them, they found fault in that...

So my question is where was all this "GUNG HO," "Maverick" "Let's get a Tea Party together" mentality during the previous eight years? Where was all the backlash, attempts to impeach and rebellious stands during the Bush years? Reagan Years? Is it really because the man has not done anything, and is inexperienced, or is it because he is "different" than any other President that held office?

Bottom Line: This country was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of minorities and ran by a racist society and it has never been more obvious, than it is now...don't believe me...Check your current Senate members...after Nov 2, there are now NO, count them, NONE, NADA, NUNCA Black Senators in office...we can play in the game, but we can not run the team! So how "United" are we?