Monday, November 23, 2009


Hello Ladies and Gents,

I know it has been 488 days since my last blog, and I must admit... I kind of missed it. A lot has happened since last I grace the page with my words of insight. We have a black president, our beloved Michael Jackson passed... Some things have remained the same, children are still crazy, celebrities are still losing their minds, the economy is still in turmoil, and the world is still spiraling out of control. So... (stretch, stretch), let me... climb up on this soap box of mine. Whew! OK, lets begin...

The most recent of events that I have a problem with is the lack of production and quality of awards shows. SERIOUSLY! Take last night's AMAs... We had Rihanna and Lady Gaga wearing the latest fashion by the toilet paper mache' twins, "Char'min and A'ngel Soft." Granted I more so enjoyed Rihanna's outfit, though she reminded me of the character from the Fifth Element, it did distract me from her annoying "alarm like," voice as I tried to see if a nipple was going to pop out or if the camera man would be so kind as to give us a glimpse of her from behind, (at least to cure my curiosity of whether or not her ass was out) all while trying to read the tattoo on her neck. Did it say, "Chris Brown was here." Lady Gaga was not as appealing, I don't know if she was a skeleton or a Q-tip, but her ass cheeks were definitely hanging off the back of the piano all while she sat gap legged singing ever so beautifully. It's ashame that her talent is often overlooked because she chooses to make a mockery of herself. Distracting the wrong attention is not always a good thing, hence is why, although she was the most deserving, she did not win Artist of the Year. Which brings me to my next issue: Taylor Swift wins Artist of the Year? SERIOUSLY? What has she done this year besides get embarrassed by Kanye West? At least I've seen Lady Gaga, heard her music on every station I've turned to. Now let me preface this next point by saying, I am one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans, I've was suspended from school on several occasions for wanting to be the Glittered Glove Wonder. Saying that, was it truly a tribute to his memory to give him "Sympathy Awards?" I mean he was nominated in categories with artists that we knew he would and should have beaten. For instance, he was nominated for Best Male Pop artist, his competition? Eminem and T.I., two hip hop artists. SERIOUSLY? They should have put up a disclaimer before the show that read, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be giving Michael Jackson every award that he will be nominated for, with the exception of Artist of the Year, because that would be too obvious." That way we would know what to expect. Award shows have become so mundane and lets face it, boring. There was a time when we would look forward to award shows, they were the highlight(s) of the year. You had the Grammys, AMAs, The Soul Train Music Awards and later the Source Awards. The artists were more talented and the focus was just on that, TALENT! They didn't come out dressing like Porcupines (Lady Gaga), having bi-sexual sex shows onstage (Adam Lambert). Whitney Houston would blow the roof off the arena, J-Lo didn't walk through her dance routines, and all artists knew that they needed to perform the radio versions of their songs, hence there was no need for delays and bleep outs. SERIOUSLY? THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO?

WHEW! Kids! What the hell? I had the privilege to go to a high school football game last week and let's just say that this new generation either has no clue or just doesn't care. I saw young ladies walking around with low riding pants and their thongs showing, (one of which was barely a teenager and at least 8 mos pregnant), guys still wearing their pants, literally, around their ankles, not to mention it was about 40 degrees and still most of the ladies were wearing little to nothing. Older men, (probably recently graduated or been graduated and still lives through high school) who were walking around in only a tank top trying to show off their "Deeboesque" not nearly toned, just big, bodies, hoping the young ladies will notice them and say, "Damn look at that body." (It's funny how they deliberately walk with their chests stuck out and sucking in their stomach.) SERIOUSLY? You mean to tell me that you are so pathetic that you have to come back to your old high school and try to pick up freshman girls? Who, by the way, are yelling their names all across the stadium asking them to come sit with them. Breeding grounds for Pedophiles. Parents, RAISE YOUR DAMN KIDS! Little girls should not be wearing make up as if it were plastered on with a spatula, they should dress like what they are, YOUNG LADIES! I shouldn't have to check myself when a young lady walks by with the body of an adult, walking like an adult, and exposing herself like an adult...Stripper. I shouldn't see more of her ass than her underwear, more of her breasts than her bra and none of her coochie. SERIOUSLY? And we wonder why teenage pregnancy is so high, why so many "old" men are molesting and taking advantage of these young girls. Because they aren't being shown how to carry themselves like one. Young men need to pull their damn pants up, realize cornrows are not in style anymore, (come on Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony got rid of theirs) its time to let the thug persona go. SERIOUSLY? Young boys walk around loud, obnoxious, no respect for women, no idea of proper dress and we wonder why they are stereotyped by police, why they can't find decent jobs, why our culture is slowly becoming obsolete? Do we even have to wonder? SERIOUSLY? THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO?

Bottom Line, the world is in serious turmoil. We have mothers selling their daughters to sex slave trades for drugs, what happened to our loving maternal mothers? 11 year olds shooting people in cold blood, what happened to a child's innocence? Politicians deliberately wanting to see the decline of a nation, just to see a black man fail, what happened to One Nation Under God? Grown men raping and murdering young girls, what happened to our Men? A black politician in Louisiana misuses public funds, he gets 5 years in prison, a white politician in South Carolina has questions of ethics, misuses funds and cheats on his wife, and he only gets impeached, what happened to: we hold these truths to be evident that all men are created equal?


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