Sunday, August 31, 2008


Where my real men at?

If you said, "right here!" Take a good look at yourself and ask that question again. What constitutes you as a "real man?" How society sees you and dictates you to be? Because your wife or girlfriend says you are? Or is it truly how you see yourself? Because if you don't feel, see, or think of yourself as a real man, it doesn't matter what you do, or what other people think or say about you, in your eyes you are not!

For a long time, I thought I was a "man." Because I had a job, took care of my responsibilities, in a sense, had a car and a house. However, I never "felt" like I was, because I didn't have the job I wanted, I wasn't making the money I wanted, nor was I where I wanted to be in life. It's easy to put on the "Man Mask" and portray what you think a man is, but eventually you have to take the mask off and look at your real self in the mirror. Face the demon that has consumed your soul and then ask yourself that same question.

I decided that being a man is not how society, my wife, my friends, co-workers, etc see me, but how I see and feel about myself. Depending on others for self esteem, doesn't make it yours, and depending on others to help you stand, will only make it that much easier to fall when they let go. So, GET UP, STAND UP! Be your own backbone, your own support system, put your faith and trust in God, be obedient to his word and allow him to guide you. That way you will have no doubts when you are asked, "Where my real men at?" For God made man in the image of himself, and he's as real as it gets!

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Keeping The Covenant said...

What a release! Thank you. "N" sent me a link to your blog and I really like it. So, I tried it. Writing it out helps to keep things in perspective. "Bravo" to you and "Peace".

with a "Y" not an "i".